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Mexican Government Officials of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Visit EAFab

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

In a significant development that underscores the burgeoning ties between industry leaders and government bodies, officials from the Mexican government of Nuevo Leon embarked on a “Labor Mission” North American tour, with a pivotal stop at EAFab Corporation.

The Secretary of Labor of Nuevo Leon bestows the Labor Mission award upon EAFab founders, Claudia Leal and Pedro Quiroga, recognizing their contributions and commitment to labor excellence.

A Brief on EAFab Corporation

In 2006, EAFab Corporation was founded with a clear and ambitious vision: to reshape and elevate the service standards within the steel industry. Located strategically in Pittsburgh, PA, often referred to as the steel city, EAFab combines the depth of over six decades of collective experience. This blend allows us to extend a comprehensive array of engineering and fabrication solutions for all steel melting, secondary metallurgy, and off-gas system needs.

The Labor Mission North American Tour

In a bid to foster international collaborations and learn from the best practices globally, the Secretariat of Labor of the Nuevo León state government embarked on an ambitious journey dubbed "Misión Laboral 2023." This initiative commenced with a work tour spanning various cities and businesses in the United States and Canada. It is an absolute honor that EAFab was chosen amongst many other prominent North American companies and corporations for the itinerary.

Mutual Learning Journey

Jesse Quiroga leads a delegation on an informative tour of the manufacturing facility, providing insights into the intricacies of the production process.

As the officials toured our manufacturing and headquarters facilities, it wasn't just a one-way presentation—it was an ongoing conversation that fostered mutual learning. They witnessed firsthand our mission, vision, culture, and business model, sparking valuable insights and knowledge exchange.

Throughout the visit with EAFab’s technical and administrative staff, a deep dive into the solutions that we were founded upon quickly became a dynamic exchange of best practices from different industries and countries, enriching a collaborative experience for all parties.

A Culture Rooted in Innovation and Integration

Our culture, deeply rooted in collaboration, innovation, and the full integration of our core principles resonated well with the delegation. With this, we welcomed any insight on potential avenues for improvement.

While introducing our key product, the innovation of the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), and the global impacts the steel industry has had on our planet, we also shared our commitment to eco-friendly practices, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Our discourse then went on to describe our community engagement initiatives and our pledge to spark interest in steel careers among younger generations and continue sustained growth in our sector.

The visit facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas, with discussions revolving around the potential avenues for optimizing operations, and the delegation’s own experiences and insights about the topics. This highlights our dedication to not just excelling in the industry but also contributing to the bigger picture, ensuring growth, safety, and a more sustainable future.

Looking Ahead: A Future of Real Solutions

As the industry stands at the cusp of transformative changes, the visit marks a significant step towards realizing a future where solutions are real and tangible. After welcoming the delegation to our business, we envision a brighter future and improved practices at EAFab.


"Mission Laboral 2023" signifies the promise of a new era marked by collaborative growth and learning for Nuevo León. However, it was our team that gained the most valuable insights during this experience. We feel truly honored to have been included in their tour and to collaborate with such brilliant individuals.

Delegation engages in a knowledge-sharing discussion on labor best practices during EAFab presentation, fostering a meaningful exchange of insights.

By fostering international partnerships and learning from global best practices, the initiative aims to enhance the labor landscape and ensuring a prosperous future for the North American workforce. The visit served as a meeting ground for integrity, innovation, and respect, pointing towards a future where EAFab, fueled by a commitment to excellence, navigates towards a horizon of growth and opportunities. We express our sincere gratitude to the delegation for choosing our business for the tour.

This visit is a beacon of hope, proving that with collaborative efforts and a shared vision, the road ahead is one of growth, innovation, and mutual success.


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