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      We offer a slag free design that reduces slag build-ups, eliminating your roof cleaning needs and the unsafe environment for cleaning.

      Our plate designed roof also provides maximum water-cooled coverage for any additive hole configuration required to accommodate all your metallurgical needs.

How EAFab can provide 


      With access to our engineering team, each LMF Roof is custom designed for your particular application: either flat plate, no slag retention capability or standard tube to tube design.

      EAFab provides design ingenuity for your single entry, pass through and twin tank design ladle furnace stations for optimum productivity and safety

Take a look at our


      With our patent pending design, your ladle roof can now set in a fixed position, allowing for a sealed alloy system.

      Our design eliminates all slip gaps in your off-gas 

connections as well as eliminates the need for a roof lift system and its maintenance cost.     

EAFab values your


      Our advanced evacuation designs reduce carbon consumption along with minimal fugitive emissions for a cleaner and safer working environment in your shop personnel. 

      Utilizing smooth plate technology, you will see reduced skulling and the need to clean the roof, creating a more secure area under your ladle metallurgy furnace roof. 

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