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The History of Pittsburgh and its Role in the Steel Industry

Pittsburgh is a city steeped in history and industrial might. Known as the "Steel City," Pittsburgh's story is intrinsically intertwined with the evolution of the steel industry in America, fostering innovation, economic growth, and a unique cultural identity.

Pittsburgh's Jones and Laughlin Steel Works in 1967, with downtown Pittsburgh in the background (The Brookline Connection)

The Steel City Emerges

Pittsburgh became the US steel capital in the mid-1800s due to its abundant coal, iron ore, and other raw materials. Industrial innovation flourished in the city due to its location and European skilled workers.

By the early 20th century, Pittsburgh was producing nearly half of the nation's steel. This rapid industrialization propelled the city into a period of prosperity. The steel produced in its mills became the backbone of America’s burgeoning infrastructure, used in railways, bridges, and skyscrapers. The city’s fortunes were inextricably linked with the steel industry, shaping its identity and destiny.

EAFab: A New Steel City Legacy

Pittsburgh's steel heritage appealed to us. EAFab, founded in 2006, combines heritage and innovation to represent Pittsburgh. Founded with over 60 years of combined experience, our company aims to improve steel industry service by providing comprehensive technical solutions suited to each customer's demands.

EAFab chose Pittsburgh as its headquarters strategically and symbolically. The city's heritage as America's steel capital fit our mission. EAFab found industrial knowledge, a competent workforce, and a culture that appreciates steel in the Steel City.

Pittsburgh's history of innovation and technology benefited EAFab. By transitioning from an industrial powerhouse to a diverse economy, the city showed its resilience and adaptability, mirroring EAFab's dedication to creating innovative and cost-effective solutions in a changing industry.

Pittsburgh, EAFab, and A Mission to Create Real Solutions

Our manufacturing facilities in Pittsburgh allow us to produce customized designs to the highest standards. Our skilled technical staff draws inspiration from the city's rich industrial history to offer customers concrete, individualized solutions that help them achieve their business goals.

The company's mission to assist clients in achieving maximum efficiency is heavily influenced by the Pittsburgh way of life, embodying what is commonly known as "Pittsburgh grit," a resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to overcome challenges. It's a commitment to facing obstacles head-on, persisting through adversity, and delivering real solutions with the same tenacity that characterizes the renowned spirit of Pittsburgh.

The journey of EAFab in Pittsburgh is a continuation of the city's manufacturing tradition. By locating in a steel town, EAFab shows that it values both the past and the future of this dynamic city. In Pittsburgh, we are working hard to achieve our goals and pay tribute to the city that pioneered the steel industry.

To this day, EAFab serves its original mission as an integral part of Pittsburgh's thriving industrial landscape. EAFab is a Pittsburgh-based organization that produces solutions, molds the future, and honors the city's tenacity.

An aerial view of Downtown Pittsburgh, where iconic skyscrapers and the three rivers converge, where the steel industry was born.


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